Photography Tips – NaWPs

These tips are those found on Nature and Wildlife Pics. I started that site to explore the natural world through my love of photography and nature. I have been doing this craft for over forty years, starting in my youth. Throughout the years in addition to selling some of my images, I did quite a few jobs in the field of photography. I ran a photo lab for a couple of years and one of my jobs as an architect was shooting job site photos on construction sites.

My profession never was one of photography, but rather architecture and design. While working at the firm, I worked with two accomplished photography professionals and learned much to better my craft. I offer tips to beginners because many times the professionals do not have the time or patience for them. I often hear how learning is so overwhelming, so I try my best to make it a bit simpler. Here is a list of  posts on Nature and Wildlife Pics. I plan quite a few more because I love passing on things I was taught or have learned. Click through posts on that site to see many wonderful photos of nature taken over the last year. Keep a look out for more tips too. I have a number of tips under the photography tab on GWGT, which is how you may have gotten to this page.

balt-oriolespring  Cropping an Image –  Why? Because I Like it that Way.

prague-cityline-3  Be Pleased With Your Photos

flyart-6  Analyzing Backgrounds in Photos

fly-on-pink-and-green  Isolating the Subject in Photos – Insects

boat-billed-heron-1  Photographing Rainforest Birds

squirrel-monkey  Photographing Rainforest Monkeys

eagle-banking  Photographing Eagles


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  1. Dina says:

    Thank you sharing all this helpful information, it’s highly appreciated! 🙂

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