Strong Wind, Garden Containers and Flower Arrangements


We have needed rain and it is appreciated, but…

it didn’t come, yet the strong winds did. It became time to get the containers inside the garage, some of them are huge too. I spent some time on Tuesday moving all my containers out of the wind when I got home from the Stella Niagara Preserve ribbon-cutting ceremony (a post on that coming up). I know I promised an update post on the garden, so that will be next. I just have toΒ  clean up some of the mess. Not all the mess, I am not that “dedicated” a gardener. Anyhoo…

Some plants both in containers and those in the garden had already suffered damage with the tall gladiolus bent and broken by my home arrival. The tall Delphinium in the garden also broke in half. Not dead or wilted, just bent over hanging in there looking pathetic. So to make lemonade out of sour lemons, I cut most of the cripples to bring inside.


The little dog kinda gives you an idea how I felt about this storm. Grrrrrrr. A similar wind storm last year broke my outdoor tempered glass table top and destroyed the umbrella. Needless to say, I was gone then too.


I cut flowers weekly anyway for arrangements, but already had my weekly quota snipped and in vase. Three more can always find a place. The top arrangement is in the “large” walk-in dressing room/closet, the middle in the kitchen eating area, while the one above is on my dining room table. The foyer and living room have the arrangements originally and intentionally cut. Now I am just drowning in flowers and it kinda looks like someone just died! At least outdoors, the flowers got a trim. Next, the garden where the flowers got knocked down.

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25 Responses to Strong Wind, Garden Containers and Flower Arrangements

  1. Gorgeous arrangements!

  2. What a great idea to save your flowers from their otherwise untimely demise. I almost never bring in flowers from the garden. I just enjoy them outside but I think I should bring some indoors to be enjoyed there too. I love the color combinations you arranged. Orange is one of my favorite colors!

  3. We have been having repeated torrential rain storms at home but everything is gorgeous in Maine. Hope you get rain soon.

    • There have been the same rain storms near us too. It missed us by only a few miles. We did get rain on Thursday all day. It was wonderful since it was a steady rain. I bet Maine is wonderful now. Have fun.

  4. Your flower arrangements are just beautiful! You are so talented in so many areas across the board! I wish I had half your energy, too!
    We’ve been getting some rain here at the other end Lake Ontario. I think the water table is pretty high around here. Even with all the rain though the flower pots dry out fast from the wind, but luckily it hasn’t been too bad. Loved all your photos!

  5. Don’t say someone died, say you have a secret admirer. Sorry about your Delphiniums!

  6. We’ve been pretty fortunate with rain, especially this spring. I love your centerpiece and that cute little metal dog.

  7. We get a lot of wind here where I live. So we have to have hardy plants to cope with it. Nice arrangements.

  8. I’m so sorry about the wind damage and especially the loss of that beautiful Delphinium! We’ve had wind and no rain here as well, and some of my tallest Monardas of been the victims. Stunning arrangements, though. I agree with Jason; think of your house as being showered with gifts from a slew of admirers rather than as an ante-rooom in a funeral home πŸ˜‰

  9. Wish I had enough flowers in my garden to cut regularly for arrangements. You’ve had a beautiful windfall (literally) with those delphs. And, hey, I have some Dog Bite artwork, too.

    • I love that little dog. I keep him in my bedroom. I still have tons of flowers in the garden, but do pout a bit when the Delphinium fall. Can’t stake ’em either. They break at the stake point. I thought since there was a nice clump of them they would support each other, I think the mass of them all went down at once. Big pile on their side.

  10. Thoughtful plant selection does really show in the bouquets that end up indoors…Love the wonderful color contrasts and the eye catching shapes and textures.

  11. debsgarden says:

    Your lemonade is delicious! We had some strong winds this week,too. Fortunately, no damage.

  12. Sorry the wind has such an impact, but this all just looks brilliant and beautiful – even if they’re inside πŸ˜‰

  13. Pat says:

    Beautiful arrangements.

  14. Wow now that is strong wind…so far with all the rain and strong winds I have been lucky in the garden and with containers….those are stunning arrangements Donna…quite breathtaking each one!

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