What Will This Summer Bring?


As we march into spring trying to shake off a long cold winter… the show must go on.

“Summer will be hotter than normal, with near-normal rainfall. The hottest periods will be in early June, mid to late July, and mid to late August,” so says the Farmer’s Almanac.

It appears from the prediction of record snow this past winter coupled with colder temperatures, that the Almanac hit a bull’s-eye for our area. The only part of their prediction not batting 1000, was heavy snow mid-December. We had very little snow in December. We did have a winter worse than in 2014 though.


El Niño has arrived but so far the predictions to affect our weather will be a weak El Niño. It was announced by scientists from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center on March 5 this year. Predictions estimate it will only have a 50-60% chance of lasting through summer. That means the needed rains may not be as heavy or even present. El Niño brings the rains.


After going from the freezer to an anticipated furnace if the Almanac holds true, many might sell their souls for a hint of spring here. The good side of that is that the budding of the trees will be slower, the tulips will last and mosquitoes will be slow to arrive. A fading el Niño pattern likely will quiet temperatures and be on the colder side. Then the Almanac would be wrong for our area.


“The Earth just had its warmest winter on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Wednesday. One of the planet’s only land areas that had a cooler-than-average winter was eastern North America, which includes the eastern United States and eastern Canada.” (source USA TODAY – March 18, 2015)

It is rather strange to think our area was so unlike the rest of the world.


So summer weather is up in the air, literally. The jet stream air.


All the spring blooms in this post will arrive, it just is a matter of when the cold temperatures give way to warm.


Buds are tight and it may be a while until we see them break.


But break they will… and consistent 60° F weather is predicted for the last week of April, all better from there…but…


We had a cold 32° F, snow flurry Easter. I hope your Easter was warm, sunny and bright.

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17 Responses to What Will This Summer Bring?

  1. Klarinet says:

    So nice! Thank you!

  2. Nurse Kelly says:

    I really enjoy your blog- you always have such beautiful photos and accompanying thoughts. Happy spring to you!

  3. A.M.B. says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m hoping our summer isn’t as warm as predicted. I love spring. I miss it.

    By the way, during my children’s spring break last week, we put in a flower bed. We removed the grass, prepped the soil, and planted a mixture of annuals and perennials. We went with “deer resistant” varieties (to the extent such a thing exists!). My children loved it. So did I. We’re looking forward to keeping it going. 🙂

  4. Mrs. Mickey Robertson says:

    Donna, these pictures are absolutely beautiful, your pictures always are! I know I have told you before about my poor health & heart problems & your pictures & writings never fail to brighten my day & bring me joy! I just want to thank you again for blessing me as you always do! You are a treasure & I’m so thankful I found you on the internet! Best wishes to you always! Sending you a big hug! Best regards, Mickey

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  6. Kevin says:

    Many times, I think the most accurate forecast is when I look out of a window. 🙂 As always, Ilove your photos. They truly captured the wonder of spring. For the record, my zone 10 Easter was about 85 degrees and sunny. The forecast for a south Florida summer — hot and humid and a thunderstorm each day. I’m looking forward to the afternoon siestas. 🙂

  7. roger Brook says:

    I just love your bleeding heart Donna! My Dicentra spectabilis popped through about two weeks ago- (I refuse to use its new name!)
    A very popular new variety over here in England is Valentine – its a wonderful strong growing plant

  8. debsgarden says:

    I loved all your images, but most of all the ones of the crocuses! I can reliably predict we will have a hot, humid summer, and I hope El Nino gives us plenty of rain. Easter was a perfect day here, with temps up into the 60s, cool breezes and plenty of sunshine. Today is a bit warmer and raining.

  9. Love spring photos. We are predicted to have a warmer winter than usual. Will see. Today though we are expected to reach late 20’s celsius – that is truly hot for April

  10. So far we are about two weeks earlier than last year, which was a late spring. There are always tradeoffs with the weather. A cool spring keeps the spring blooms later but delays the blooms of early summer.

  11. Ah, Donna, your photos radiate Spring beautify. Thank you for the Monday treat! I can’t think of a better way to begin a week! 🙂

  12. elisa ruland says:

    I’ve never looked more forward to the summer…and we live in Atlanta, usually it’s the opposite! Gorgeous photographs. Purple and lavenders are my favorite colors in the garden.

  13. It’s nice to see some flowers in your post. I’ve got buds on my daffodils in my garden. It won’t be much longer now. I hope.

  14. Your close-up shots are wonderful.

  15. Spare a thought for California where they are a little short of water!

  16. My weather is very similar to Jason and Judy’s (gardinacity). We had a brutal winter last year and a rather “normal” one this year, with spring happening a little earlier than it usually does. We were bordering on the beginnings of a drought here in S. Wisconsin, but with recent rains, I’m hoping that will pass. I do pray/think about friends and family in the truly drought-stricken states. Climate change is challenging–no matter what the cause and/or the duration. No matter what happens with your weather in the months ahead, Donna, I hope you will have an enjoyable, productive gardening season!

  17. Andrea says:

    You have your summer, but we have our dry-hot-humid-extremely annoying dry season. It is not loved by our plants too, as many die of thirst and heat.

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