Cottage District Gardening in Buffalo – Garden Walk Buffalo 2014

Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens

Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens

Here we are back on Garden Walk Buffalo for more Buffalo Cottage District Gardens. All these gardens are packed into tiny spaces, maximizing the term, small space gardening. You can see we have more colorfully painted houses and urban gardens bursting with blooms. The space between the sidewalk and streets, the Hell Strip, is lush with plantings.

This area was filled with enthusiastic gardeners, all showing their gardens for Garden Walk Buffalo. The front yards boast seating areas and very little if any turf grass.

But a word about soil conditions in our area.

The question always becomes, what do you plant when the soil you have says. “No.” You can tell these gardeners, many of whom have property that was laden with construction debris, huge water hungry trees and heavy clay soil, have found they can grow many kinds of plants. In the Hell Strip, soil conditions are usually at the very worst, yet folks here have beautiful curbside plantings.

I will touch on this in an upcoming post as I show you some more of the plantings where the soil emphatically says, “No way, José.” Plus a few reasons why these gardeners are successful in less than optimal conditions.

First, let’s move on to other streets not too far from the homes pictured above. Just like all the tourists wanting to see every garden they can fit into the two-day event, I will take you to just a small number of the 396 gardens to explore – the inspiration is endless.

Next we look at the window boxes and containers. More to see…


Check out a very well done video appearing on Art of Gardening with fellow blogger Jim Charlier, former president of Garden Walk Buffalo. The video is made by newcomers to Buffalo, Billy & Pat. It is both fun and very entertaining. Click Jim’s link. You will enjoy.

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23 Responses to Cottage District Gardening in Buffalo – Garden Walk Buffalo 2014

  1. Oh sooo pretty and enterprising – can’t wait for the next episode ….

  2. Dee says:

    I count the Buffalo gardens as one of my great pleasures in life. I would go back there in an instant and walk those blocks with you. I loved this district with its original houses and tightly planted lots. Loved them. Did you see that Jim posted about a house near his that caught on fire? It was on Facebook. Made me very sad for the homeowner and the block where the house was.~~Dee

    • Yes I did Dee. I asked him on FB if his garden is opened today for Open Gardens because of the fire and it is. I missed Lancaster Ave. during Garden Walk Buffalo, so I was planning a visit this afternoon. I was hoping next year’s Fling in Toronto would have been later. An extra day could have been planned for those willing to stay an extra day to go to Buffalo. Many of these cottage gardens are opened on a Friday, but I bet arrangements could have been made to accommodate Fling attendees on a free day. Even if not, all the gardens I have been showing of this district are all front gardens, and it just takes a walk down the street to see them. I went back on Tuesday after the crowds for my images. I have some of backyards from the event that I may post too, but it is hard getting photos without the people.

  3. Sherrie says:

    Buffalo in the Summer is Beautiful… Thanks for showing it to us in grand fashion !
    Without all those bees and insects you show us we would not have these beautiful flowers !

  4. When I first saw the garden of Ellie Dorritie, pictured in your first photo, I noticed that she had many of the same plants I had in my garden, but my garden didn’t look like her garden! I asked her what her secret was. She said, “Water when it rains and water when it doesn’t.” I try to follow her advice and my gardens are looking much better.

  5. Such beautiful gardens in such small spaces! They all look lovely and compliment their homes beautifully. Great photos highlighting these homes.

  6. Beautiful Donna. There are many good gardeners in Buffalo. Thanks and I hope you are doing well.

  7. meander1 says:

    This is going to sound corny as all get out but I actually well up a little with emotion at such a citywide outpouring of love for gardening. it is so inspiring. Hmm, it’d be such a better world if this is what more people cared about and obsessed over!

    • I think many feel as you do. People here are very friendly and they do care for the well being of their neighbors. I saw a neighborhood watch sign today, meaning they do it day and night.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love all the color both in some of the houses and the gardens. A great series of posts Donna!

  9. bittster says:

    Beautiful gardens and I love how every gardener tackles their space in their own way. I feel a little smug gardening here in a plantlover wasteland, I wonder how things would be different if I was surrounded by so many other flower nuts…. would it be inspiring or too much competition?

  10. Denise says:

    All those colourful houses and gardens and that video…I love it! So nice of all the owners to open their gardens to all those people. I wish we had something like that in our city.

  11. Oh Donna…this is my favorite area…cottage gardens. I am already hoping that I can finally make this event. I was all set this year until my surgery…but I will add it to my calendar for next yr. I hope if I make it we can hook up finally. I think my fav is the wrought iron fence garden. I love these fences especially when there is a row of hydrangeas behind them.

  12. Cottage garden plantings at their best!!! P. x

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