Save the Polar Bears – One Baby Bear at a Time


Cute factor… off the charts, in fact it is cute times two here in Buffalo.


The baby polar bears at the Buffalo Zoo are just too cute to bear. They really enjoy the snow and ham it up for visitors.

It all started when Luna was born to a bear at the zoo that could not care for her. The mother was a first timer and keepers sensed she was not showing proper maternal behaviors, so Luna was removed. She was hand raised by zoo keepers.


At 6 months of age, Luna got a playmate roughly her own age, a bear named Kali. He has a both sad and heartwarming story himself. His mother was shot and killed by a hunter in Alaska. The hunter, realizing that he killed a lactating female, set out to find the den. In it he found a tiny male cub.

The little bear was bundled up in a pair of ski pants and taken back by snowmobile to be cared for at the Alaska Zoo. Then he was crated up and shipped by UPS air to his new home to socialize with a bear his own age at the Buffalo Zoo. He will be in Buffalo until it is decided to find a permanent home for him. Both bears are over one year old in these images. Luna was born November 27, 2012, and Kali is a month younger.

Below the two cubs play and play.


Bears being bears… cute and cuddly if you are a polar bear that is.


Kali is the bigger bear and displays more dominant behavior. Luna is a bit bigger than a Saint Bernard if you were wondering their size. The bears appear to be great friends, yet were shy to one another when Kali first arrived. They were kept in separate dens initially, seeing and smelling each other until they could be introduced. They were so much fun to watch.


See what happens to sassy Luna in the image below next post. Like I said above, too cute to bear… I have the whole sequence… too klutzy cute for words.


Here is a YouTube video showing Luna playing in the snow with her handlers in March 2013. She was so tiny.

And to see the cutest 3 baby bears on this planet after they emerged from their den in the wilderness of Manitoba, Canada, see these rare photos by photographer Thomas Kokta.

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21 Responses to Save the Polar Bears – One Baby Bear at a Time

  1. amazing action shots. very cute polar bear cubs. too cute to “bear”, indeed. πŸ™‚

  2. Great Captures – Love Polar Bears:)

  3. Hope says:

    Great post. I loved this one! Too cute! πŸ™‚

  4. Very adorable indeed.

  5. Donna, I cannot believe they were so visible! And you captured these beautiful creatures so candidly. I checked out the babies…I could scream over them. What a post! Margie

  6. What beautiful photos of the baby Polar Bears. I loved seeing the bottom (pad) of the babys foot. So cute. And the video was adorable.

  7. acuriousgal says:

    They are so cute, Donna. Can’t believe they are only one, they look so big. Then again, they are Polar Bears!!

  8. A.M.B. says:

    Oh they are so cute! The polar bears at our zoo are rarely so active (but, when we go, it’s probably too hot for them).

  9. Great shots! I think it was worth it braving the cold.

  10. Great photos. It seems sad though that Luna’s new friend is temporary.

  11. janechese says:

    At one point I caught a video of the mother sliding down a hill and a cub sliding after it.but couldn’t find it again.The stills are wonderful but he leads tours and that worries me about the safety of the bears. The ones in the zoo are cute hope they both find mates later and continue the cycle.

  12. Oh double double cute. Love this, and thanks for sharing.

  13. Pat says:

    What wonderful captures of these beautiful animals!

  14. janechese says:

    never heard of him before now but I worry the effect of humans especially tours on wildlife especially polar bears- are we endangering the bears? They seemed to be aware of his presence but if we interfere too much…well, that’s why they are in zoos.At one point I got a short video of the mother and kids sliding down a hill-very cute, but couldn’t find it again, just took me to the website for the tours. did see the still photos-amazing!

    • I know what you mean on interfering. It was sad to read why Kali needed a new home. It must happen more than it should. I am not one that thinks polar bears should be in zoos. I have written on this before. They get bored and do self-destructive behaviors. I think Alaska should have a facility for orphaned bears, then set them free when they grow up. Problem is it is years before they can be on their own and it is very costly to house them. Buffalo Zoo is building a new exhibit for the bears if they can raise enough money. I believe they are still 2 million short.

  15. Stephi says:

    So cute! It’s fun when the animals are out playing. You got lucky to be visiting at just the right time. There’s nothing cuter than young polar bears. We’ve had a number of babies born here at Brookfield Zoo and so fun to watch them grow up.

  16. Oh, too cute is true! They are sweet little guys and your photos are fun. Not that I’d want to encounter them in the wild, but from a distance they’re beautiful!

  17. So adorable! My dogs often display the same playful behavior. It must be an animal thing. πŸ™‚

  18. Brian Comeau says:

    Thanks for sharing Donna. Cute shots and I like your added touch of punnyness. Churchill is on my to do list.

  19. Ida says:

    Oh they are cute! So happy that both are getting happy endings.

  20. What a wonderful post….polar bears need our help in so many ways…how special for you to see them up close.

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