Daily Inspiration – 3 Beyond Earth Day

Earth Day,did you get your Inspiration? Did you tell us, “What’s Your Place On Planet Earth? Are you one of the 34%?

In a recent Harris Poll, fewer people are concerned about the future of our planet, with 34% of those surveyed in 2012 stating their concern, down 9% from the number concerned in 2009. Does this give you hope?

And we move on… like the bee from flower to flower, going about our work and responsibility to family. But the bee answers the question to its Place On Planet Earth in spades. Without them, like the trees if no longer with us, we would probably be gone soon after.

But let’s get introspective on Inspiration…

The seeds of inspiration will grow into new experiences. And reciprocally,  life experiences nurture fresh inspiration. 

There is just so much GOOD in life, it would be regretful not to harvest as much as you can from the inspiring experiences of life. Nurture the imagination, cultivate creativity, and tend the passion.

Plant a garden of innovation and adventure to explore. You are happy, the community in which you live is happy, and those that inhabit it will be happy.

Dark and maybe a bit intriguing?

Finding inspiration may be to look deep within yourself, past consciousness and reason? But we can be stymied, and just be victims of ourselves sometimes. Inspiration is like a fire that burns on the inside. It rarely smolders, but out of nowhere, flares. When there is nothing tangible to ignite that internal flame, you can look just about anywhere and come up with something.

Everything has the ability to inspire, down to the smallest and simplest things. It is just a matter of how you see and perceive it.

Be inspired by the things that most people simply overlook. There is a ‘life’ behind all things I believe.

From the Month in Tens – November’s Simple Things post.

Ideas can come from some really mundane places, some of the most unlikely pairing of objects and thoughts. You have been seeing images of unlikely partners with a blue hyacinth for each of my Inspiration postings 1, 2, and 3 this week. Why???

Be open to your surroundings. I try to find inspiration in the character of place. This is important in architecture.

My Bridge to ‘It’s a Small World’, images made me think of the tiny world happening just beyond my immediate field of view. That lead to the recent post, Last Rays of the Day.  In that post, and to some extent, this one, if I chose to photograph from eye level, the feeling of a small world would be lost, because the subjects, for the most part, were only inches off the ground.

Another thing I found in the Small World, a couple of subjects that just did not belong. Below, by their color alone, these two standouts really call attention to themselves.

It was much more effective and natural to get lower and closer to the subjects, to become part of that world, sparking a story as the sun set for the day. And some of those tiny garden inhabitants fight all odds to soar to heights beyond the norm, to find their place in the sun. This little Muscari, above, chose to grow far from those of its kind.

The family, Muscari.

The thug of a dandelion, was hoping to muscle out the competition, unphased by the task at hand, hoping to start its family in this rich raised bed. But life has some pitfalls…

Image from, Last Rays of the Day

Can you just imagine this tiny, bustling world of activity that is just beyond your view. A community that comes to life at night. Maybe the storyline starts by crossing the daffodil bridge and pondering what lies at the other end?

Long drop!

Can the bridge be crossed safely, or does peril await in this seemingly tranquil, miniature world? What ominous creature whose task it is to guard the watery jewels, lives deep inside those pretty sapphire petals of hyacinth? Or is it a happy tale of fairies and wishes granted? Wait a few days and the garden scene will be bright and cheery, like the little Muscari above. You decide what to imagine, but consider the power of contradiction and opposites. The power of what does not belong.  If you want to read this advice by a professional, see his post today.

Unlikely pairings make for getting ideas. So does looking into the darkness.

See, when you have nothing, sometimes nothing is the inspiration unto itself.

Cross that bridge and see what you find.

So for W4W on Wednesday 25 April, find your inspiration. Who inspires you? Where do you go to get inspired? How do you get creative? What gives you the spark? When is the best time to sit back and open up your mind? Can you picture it? Can you put it to words? Most of all, inspire others! My post for Wednesday is simple, a place that brings inspiration to me.

About Garden Walk Garden Talk

I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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25 Responses to Daily Inspiration – 3 Beyond Earth Day

  1. Brian Comeau says:

    Thank you for inspiring me. I’ve been feeling uninspired the last couple of weeks with my photography. This was a good reminder. Thanks for caring for the planet too. Happy Earth Day.

    • We creatives all go through those dry spells. I find it hard sometimes to be original in building design (mostly because buildings HAVE to be functional). I guess with images it is the same way to a point, but so much of photography is new to me, not because I have not been doing it for a long time, just the passion was lost for a long while. Passion is the key in all artistic or creative fields. I find the same painting, I go through passionate times that all I can think of doing is paint. Then I switch off to stain glass, then drawing, then photos, then graphics…. it goes on and on. Something sparks, grabs attention and I am immersed. I find when getting paid to do something the passion wanes, because the ideas often get tempered by the one paying.

  2. jessiegoes says:

    You, I think, are having a very good weekend :)!
    Its a small world is my second favorite Disney theme park ride, I remember my first childhood ride. (the Haunted House is the first, personality quirk)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Donna, I like to think, or perhaps “hope”, that the Harris poll is deceiving. I think people are preoccupied at the moment. There are so many people still unemployed and suffering from the after effects of the housing and banking crisis. I don’t think we all care less for the environment. Its just that any people are focused on wondering where their next meal will come from. P.S. Love that shot of the Muscari!

    • Being unemployed and looking for your next meal does not mean you cannot be considerate to or caring for the environment. That seems to me, just an excuse. I find people are more conserving and less frivolous with purchasing when they have much less. But, there are many other things that can be done, or are done negatively that are not dependent on income or what a person has. My post really had little to do with the statistic from the poll, I just saw it, found it eye opening and thought others would as well.

  4. AngryRedhead says:

    Ok, so this doesn’t have to do with gardening, but gardeners generally have to wear clothes, right? The Uniform Project inspires me to be a creative environmentalist: http://vimeo.com/11113046

    Hope you like it as much as I do!!

  5. Barbie says:

    Your photos are always a mood lifter and an inspiration. It brings me great joy to visit your blogs! Thank you!

    • Thank you Barbie. I am on a journey of exploration too, looking for images to inspire feeling and story. The trick that professionals seem to have mastered, is relating a story all can see and doing it in one powerful image. I am usually the only one finding the story in my photos yet. Still working on it though.

  6. I love your photos of the grape hyacinths. They are so pretty in their delicacy. The bees like them. It is nice having deep blue flowers in early spring. I know what inspires me. I’ll let you know on Wednesday. : )

  7. cathywieder says:

    You are always an inspiration…. you motivate me to look at things through new eyes, with a fresh perspective, and one that is less self-involved. Thanks for being there to give me the occasional “push” I need to look beyond my own nose!

    • Thank you very much Cathy. I think it really is all about passion and what ever ignites that will surely create inspiration. I know by reading your blog, you have much passion for your gardens.

  8. Masha says:

    i got so fascinated by your photography it was hard to concentrate on the reading :). A garden is a wonderful place to look for inspiration though, I wish more people paid attention to how things grow instead of seeking instant gratification in everything (including gardening).

  9. A wonderful trio of articles on inspiration, Donna. You are an inspiration to me and many others, I believe. I don’t see myself as being very creative (with words, photography, or artistic endeavors), but I love to work in my garden. And I enjoy sharing my love of gardening …
    P. x

    • You are very creative, just maybe not in a way you see it. All that garden have a very close respect and knowledge for their gardens and being so in tune with the garden brings out oodles of creativity. Plant partners, creative bed design, ways to address garden problems, etc.

  10. Kala says:

    Beautiful nature images. The colors and selective focus are fantastic.

  11. andrea says:

    I was out for a while and not yet read your earlier inspiration posts, later i will. But your photos are always inspiring for me to take more photos and be better. But that last one of the unlikely pairs is my choice, it touches the innermost fiber in me!

    • Please do read them, there is much information contained. They were written more about the content than the images. I am glad you liked that image, because it is not one to readily catch one’s eye.

  12. hardinars says:

    Appreciating simple things around us is basically a way to be thankful with our life…like every growth we see in the garden, it reminds us that there is always hope to look forward to…the photos in your post, they always inspire me to capture the beauty in the garden…

    • Thank you. You are so right on the simple things. It makes us appreciate that which likely would go unnoticed. So much beauty can be found in the everyday and in turn it relates on the larger life scale as well.

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