The Veggie Wedgie, pages 35 to 40

The Veggie Wedgie and the Found Object Garden

Oh, so little…

The Found Object Vegetable Garden

I regret that I have no photos of the peas, but there were plenty of them.

In the photo above from 1999, the pear is just a little guy, as are the Alberta Spruce and trumpet vine. Many plants were retained; some moved like the peonies. Others, like the Chamaecyparis, azalea and Clematis, found new, loving gardens in which to grow and prosper. The retaining wall is now capped and is a raised bed in the center of my back yard. And if you want to see some of the construction and finished kitchen and garden, stop in on the post at Green Apples, In the Kitchen with Blue. You see inside the home, and what I see outside from within. A great post on design.

Here is a few more images of the Found Objects Vegetable Garden. Even a little Blue Wichita Juniper is hiding here. It was a cast off that I felt sorry for it.

And the messy corner I talk about, but never show…. imagine 5 of these tubs! The real Full Monty. They are sort of found objects. Big trees are potted in them and when delivered to a job site, if not needed for reuse, like these flimsy ones, are discarded.

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15 Responses to The Veggie Wedgie, pages 35 to 40

  1. One says:

    Thank you for generously sharing the Niagara Falls Garden issues. I like how you do the hard scape. The lawn is kept tidy that way. I used to spend too much time managing the lawn.

    Some part of my garden looks a little like the 3rd photo from the bottom!

    If I can only take one thing from your garden, it would be the last one. It is so rich looking!

  2. I think your tomatoes are slightly ahead of ours. Not sure about this California weather the past couple of years, I think we need to move somewhere warmer 😉 I love the photo of the chive blossoms, especially the one on the cover with the fabulous flying bee!

  3. Rosie Gan says:

    Again, a most inspiring post in the most interesting of formats! I like how you utilise space so neatly and how your plants are so well fed! Veges in my garden is one project that just won’t take off. Wonder if it is the fault of the gardener. We know the answer to that one.

  4. b-a-g says:

    Donna – Your messy corner is quite tidy actually … I agree with One, your compost looks very nutritious.

  5. Marguerite says:

    Goodness you put me to shame. How much you’ve grown in such a small space! My veggie garden has grown dramatically this year in terms of space but I don’t seem to have nearly as much growing in it as you do in yours. Hopefully over the coming years I can figure out a more efficient use of space as you have done and my garden will produce more and look just as pretty.

  6. Holley says:

    Love your little veggie ‘wedgie’ – what a cute name! And I like the way you’ve used the lettuce as border plants. And I appreciate you showing the composter – gives me some ideas!

  7. Greenearth says:

    Some really great ideas here to try. Thank you for sharing.

  8. linniew says:

    Well done with the custom composter pots! I find those big tree pots forever useful.
    They make great molds for casting tufa pots…

  9. Masha says:

    Your veggie garden is impressive! I also use lettuce and herbs for borders – they look really pretty. I hope you post pictures of all the bounty.

  10. Now I am ready for a salad! Your veggies are looking lovely! I love the idea of using lettuce as a border!

  11. Alistair says:

    My veggie ‘wedgie’ is more of a teeny weenie. I would grow tomatoes outdoors though if only the Summer in Aberdeen was warm enough to ripen them.Your lettuce as a border plant is a great idea.

  12. The lettuce is so pretty! It is long gone in my garden, but I need to plant more of it this fall in containers along with pansies 🙂 I’ve got a square foot garden for veggies…and I’m not a complete failure with it, but close. I did get a few meals of green beans this year which is a first. Tomatoes do fine. But it seems so crowded that everything flops over on everything else. I need to plan a little better on what gets planted next to what. I’ll keep trying. Good thing we’ve got grocery stores!!

  13. Wonderful. I used to have extensive raised vegetable beds, but then the deer came so I planted my hellebore collection in the beds. Now we have a deer fence, and I am inserting vegetables around the hellebores like you do. I need more room and have decided some of the hellebores have to go. Great post.

  14. Dear Donna, What a fascinating tour of your vegetable garden. Also, I was happy to ‘discover’ your Green Apples blog. There seems to be no end to your talent! P. x

  15. Donna says:

    Love how you planted your veggies amongst the garden beds….my soil is so bad and wet I tried but opted for raised beds amongst the flowers….wonderful ideas and it looks outstanding…even a little tomato already fruiting….

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